Within the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Pacific Alliance held in Mexico City, the Foreign and Trade Ministers of Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico approved the accession of Serbia, the United Arab Emirates and Belarus to the Alliance as observer states, according to the official website of the Belarusian embassy in Ecuador. It is worth noting, that the list of observers earlier included 55 states, in particular, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Georgia, Denmark, Egypt, Israel, India, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ecuador, Japan. It should be further recalled, that the Pacific alliance is the youngest subregional economic union in Latin America, whose members – Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile – are united by the idea of ​​deep integration of member states and the utilization of their geographical location on the Pacific coast and partly (Mexico and Colombia) Atlantic Oceans.