About us

What is VAZBA

VAZBA is your partner in the field of legal services in the Czech Republic and abroad.



VAZBA was founded by the lawyers Zdeněk Bajar and Martin Vacek. Apart from successful legal careers in the Czech Republic both have spent long periods as heads of law firms’ branches abroad.

Our aim

Our aim is to create strong ties between us and the client based on the client being fully satisfied with the legal services and their price. We aim for long-term cooperation with our clients.

The client often takes on the significant economic risk of failure in their transactions, investments or disputes, including the risk, that the cost of legal services will not be covered by the intended economic result. We are ready to partly bear the client’s risk and set our remuneration accordingly. We are of the opinion, that this is one of the most important aspects of mutual relations.

Why us?

We want to achieve our goals primarily by offering our clients innovative legal and related products, ones that are in the spirit of the latest trends in the field of legal services, including:

  1. representation in disputes based on a success-fee,
  2. differentiation of remuneration depending on the success, also for work not related to disputes (e.g. acquisitions),
  3. outsourcing an internal lawyer’s functions “on-site” for small and medium enterprises,
  4. management of electronic client files, available to clients through a web interface,
  5. providing online business reporting for investors with regard to certain foreign jurisdictions,
  6. comprehensive management of foreign investments and trade relations,
  7. wide-ranging services for foreign investors in the Czech Republic in their native language,
  8. and others.


Our address:

Tržiště 366/13,
118 00 Praha 1
tel.: + 420 222 540 555
email: office@vazbalegal.cz

Who we are:

VAZBA is a progressive law firm founded by Martin Vacek and Zdeněk Bajar, lawyers with international experience.