Made-to-measure fees


Our office is flexible in negotiating its fees. We understand, that the client bears the economic risk of a dispute or transaction failing, which will involve at least the lawyer’s cost.

In many cases, the client will see a standard fee, based on an hourly rate, as economically very risky. A law firm cannot always offer its clients a flat fee, especially in matters where the extent and intensity of the requisite legal services cannot be determined in advance.

We are ready to address the clients’ economic risk and, in economically justified cases, bind our pay wholly or partly to the success of the case, whether it is litigation, acquisition or another business transaction.



Our address:

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tel.: + 420 222 540 555
email: office@vazbalegal.cz

Who we are:

VAZBA is a progressive law firm founded by Martin Vacek and Zdeněk Bajar, lawyers with international experience.