Our services

Representation in lawsuits

We offer a reward mechanism based wholly or partly on your success in the case.

Services for foreigners

Are you a foreigner doing business in the Czech Republic? We offer comprehensive legal services in your native language.

Outsourcing company lawyers

We will provide you with your own “internal lawyer” within the responsibility of the law firm plus insurance coverage of CZK 100 million.

Foreign investment services

We will ensure your foreign investments and business activities run smoothly.

Specialized legal services

Representation in lawsuits

Our lawyers have extensive experience in court proceedings at the Czech administrative and civil courts, as well as both domestic and foreign arbitration courts. The majority of the experience relate to disputes with a foreign element (i.e. disputes, where one of the parties is a foreigner, or there is another relation to foreign countries). Legal assistance to clients in lawsuits constitutes one of the domains of our law firm’s activities.

Are you afraid to initiate a lawsuit because you are unsure of success and concerned about the high cost of a lawyer that you won’t be able to pay for? We will assess the likelihood of success for your dispute and, according to the results of the assessment, will offer you a reward mechanism based wholly or partly on your success in the case.

Services for foreigners

One of the main areas of our law firm’s activity is to provide comprehensive legal advice and related advisory services (accounting, economic, etc.) as well as services for foreigners in the Czech Republic. If you export from or supply to the Czech Republic, intend to start a business here or already run an investment or other business activity or, unfortunately, have legal issues, we are the right choice for you.

To a large extent, foreigners doing business abroad often rely on how certain things are modified or perceived in their own countries. Thanks to our lawyers’ many years of working abroad (especially the CIS countries and the Balkans) we know when and to which differences we should turn our client’s attention, even if the client – being a foreigner – does not consider that the present case or issue might be regulated differently in the Czech Republic. This is the added value that our foreign clients appreciate time and time again.

Work in foreign languages (mostly Russian, English, Bulgarian) is a matter of course. We are flexible in negotiating our payments.


Outsourcing company lawyers

Many Czech entrepreneurs have to resolve the dilemma of whether to employ their own internal lawyer or use the services of an external law firm. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. A corporate lawyer is always available, their monthly expense is clearly determined, but their liability is considerably limited, and their experience and qualifications may be insufficient when compared to a law firm. A law firm can offer high degrees of responsibility and competence, the problem, however, often occurs with the time available and the costs.

We, therefore, offer our clients running small and medium-sized businesses a solution, that combines the advantages of an internal lawyer and an external law firm. We will provide you with an on-site (i.e. in your office premises) lawyer from our firm, who will be available exclusively to you for a mutually agreeable time within a week. The lawyer will not be your employee, but a worker of our firm. Our firm will bear the responsibility for his/her activities, the insurance coverage will be up CZK 100 million. Our office will also ensure the methodological improvement of his/her skills and leadership in legal issues. All this, understandably, for a mutually agreed, fixed, monthly remuneration.

Foreign investment services

Doing business or investing abroad? We offer a comprehensive service of your foreign investments and business activities. The service includes providing the legal, tax, accounting and other necessary services (logistics, insurance, etc.) in the relevant jurisdiction, as well as their coordination and management. Save time and money by working with professionals – our leading lawyers have the best predisposition in relation to managing of international projects due to their many years of working abroad.

In justified cases, we are ready to bind our reward wholly or partly to the success of the foreign investment and thereby help clients reduce the economic risks of failure. In certain cases, VAZBA is ready to participate directly in the foreign investment.


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Who we are:

VAZBA is a progressive law firm founded by Martin Vacek and Zdeněk Bajar, lawyers with international experience.